CSRocks - syllabus

John C. Lusth
3427 SEC

Revision Date: January 12, 2017

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Programming Languages or permission of instructor


The following topics will be covered:

audio formats
songlib programming
time-domain/frequency-domain processing
enhancing vocals


Grades will be determined by the following percentages:

20% Karaoke track and vocals
20% Cover song
20% Original song (initial finished song)
15% Original song and video (studio and "live" versions)
25% Album

The karaoke track and vocals assignment will consist of mixing a non-original, non-songlib musical track mixed with your recorded vocals. The cover song assignment will consist of a non-original songlib music track mixed with your recorded vocals. The original song and video assignment will consist of an original song using a songlib music track and your recorded vocals. All songs will be graded by your classmates on effort.

Your instructor will grade the entire effort of the class with respect to producing an album. If no album is produced, the highest grade you can expect is a C.

The instructor reserves the right to lower the grade of any student who compromises the grading process.

In-class performances

You will perform in class three times. The first performance is a capella, the second is a karaoke sing-a-long, and the third, a duet. These performances will be considered part of your peer-evaluation grade.

Performances that require a cheat sheet of lyrics will grade no higher than an 85%. Forgetting lyrics or starting over will also reduce your percentage on these tasks.


Attendance is mandatory. Each unexcused absence (beyond the free first unexcused absence) will cause your final percentage in the class to be reduced by 2.0 points.