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code works in test-modules, but fails submission test
my code is failing tests #29 and 31 in the submission6 tests due to segmentation faults, but when i submit those test cases to test-modules, it runs fine and my output matches exactly.

my makefile has an empty "copy:" instruction, so i'm not substituting in any of lusth's modules. it's just my own code running on the dropbox server. any ideas as to why this discrepancy is happening? i don't know how to go about debugging this if it's a problem in my code, because i haven't been able to get any errors to pop up on my end.

i've attached screenshots of the .rpt results and my test-modules result for #31

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.png   t-6-6-g partial results.png (Size: 49.42 KB / Downloads: 7)
.png   t-6-6-g test-modules results.png (Size: 60.13 KB / Downloads: 5)
Sounds like the classic coupling issue. You probably have some code that is in the wrong place/module.

You need to isolate your modules. One way would be to test all your modules one by one while substituting the others with the ones on the test-modules server. So you could test:
- your RBT with all GST, BST and TNODE from the server
- your GST with RBT, BST and TNODE from the server,
and so on....
If you want more information about what is causing the segfaults on the server, you can use the -fsanitize=address flag with gcc. It should print out which line of code is causing the segfault with other pieces of information which will be visible in the emailed reports.

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