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  Successor and Predecessor
Posted by: chibbluffy - 02-12-2018, 02:33 AM - Forum: Project 1 - Replies (4)

I was under the impression that for our BST, the successor would be found as follows:
go to node's right child(if available)
go to node's left child as far as possible(if available)
loop or recurr until node is a leaf.

However the book treats it as the next value in inorder traversal. 

So for this tree:
           /   \
         8     22
       /   \   
     4    12
          /   \
        10   14

I would have found:
the successor of 8 to be 10 
the successor of 10 to be null 
the successor of 14 to be null

But the book would have found:
the successor of 8 to be 10 
the successor of 10 to be 12 
the successor of 14 to be 20

Which one of these methods should we be using to find successor and predecessor?
It make sense the first way, since we are using the successor to swapToLeaf, but the book says otherwise.

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  Study Session(Friday)
Posted by: twroest - 02-12-2018, 02:32 AM - Forum: Study Groups - Replies (1)

I have booked the Yellowhammer Room in Rodgers for 3:00-4:00PM this Friday. If anyone would like help, but can't make either mine or Kellie's times, then let one of us know and we will try to set up a time that works for everyone.

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  Study Session/Review
Posted by: kamadson - 02-12-2018, 01:54 AM - Forum: Study Groups - No Replies

Hey guys, I've booked a study room for tomorrow the 12th, 12:00-1:00pm in Gorgas Room 204, and also in the Yellowhammer Room in Rodgers for Wednesday the 14th, 12:00-1:00pm if anyone needs help with anything.

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Posted by: caspear1 - 02-10-2018, 06:59 PM - Forum: Project 1 - Replies (3)

In class last Thursday you said the proneLeafBST would return a node, but the .h for bst has pruneLeafBST as a void function. If pruneLeafBST does not return a node than are we supposed to free that node and if so than how are we supposed to call pruneLeafBST in our deleteBST if we are supposed to return the pruned node after deleting?

Thank you for your time,
Conrad Spear

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  Resubmitting to test for robustness
Posted by: NickXIV - 02-10-2018, 05:24 AM - Forum: Project 0 - Replies (1)

Would it be okay for us to resubmit our assign0 to make sure that we pass the newest test cases? Also, if we happen to fail a test case, would it affect our grade?

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Posted by: aashmangupta - 02-10-2018, 12:59 AM - Forum: Project 1 - Replies (3)

Whenever we do setBSTNodexxxx, should we also update the replacement node's children and parent pointer? For example, in setBSTNodeLeft(n, replacement) should we just set n->left = replacement, or should we also update the replacement node's parent, left, and right pointers, by making these pointers the same as the original n->left?

 Thank you in advance.

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  Subscribing/ Notifications
Posted by: LouisShulman - 02-09-2018, 03:00 PM - Forum: Study Groups - Replies (2)

Does subscribing to the forum notify you about a post? I'd like to know about future study sessions and I don't want to miss them just because I didn't check online. So is there a way to get notified about the posts?

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  Last semester's exam
Posted by: lusth - 02-09-2018, 02:11 PM - Forum: Exam 1 - No Replies


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  insert SLL
Posted by: jwarburton - 02-09-2018, 05:12 AM - Forum: Project - Replies (3)

What are we testing for in the insert function? If the list is empty, and what else? Do we only have to add to the list  at the head or at nth spot also?

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Posted by: jwarburton - 02-09-2018, 05:10 AM - Forum: Study Groups - Replies (1)

When are the next study hours? And at these study hours can you help with the project and explaining on how to do it because I need help understanding Linked List and what we need to do for the functions.

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