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Installing Scam
I am trying to get Scam to work. I am stuck on step 4:
Extract the files in the tarball:
   tar xvzf scam-2.4-$arch.tgz

When I run this command I get the error
tar: Unrecognized archive format
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.

I am working on a Mac. Did anyone else have this problem or know what I am doing wrong?
Try using:

curl -OL$arch.tgz

On Step 3.
Ah geez Rick... wh-- why you turn yourself into a pickle?
What does the 'ls' command give?
ls gives
scam-2.4-darwin-amd64 scam-2.4-darwin-amd64.tgz

and I tried with curl -OL it still didn't work @daweil
OK. Apparently, the auto-detection of the architecture does not work on the Mac. I've reverted the installation instructions back to the way they were, so refresh that page and try again.

Most likely your package for the Mac is scam-2.4-OSX_64.tgz
Great, now it works! Thanks!

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