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Functional Programming and Side Effects
Questions on "side effects" appear in the first few questions on the 1-1 practice document.  I could not find any information on this in the book.

The Wikipedia page on side effects states that in functional programming, side effects are rarely used due to lack of assignment.  But question 2 implies that the lack of assignment leads to side effects.
A functional programming language is characterized by:
[*]the lack of assignment (and other side effects)

[*]the lack of static typing 

[*]the ability to define classes

[*]the ability to define functions

(I'd guess that a purely functional language with no assignment = no side effects?) 

Also, is a functional language always imperative?  If so, then I'd think that an imperative language would not have side effects, which leads me confused on #4:

An imperative language is characterized by:




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