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Job opportunities!
I got this note this morning. I used to work at SwRI back in my AI days; it's a good place with lots of interesting projects. I highly recommend checking them out.

Good Morning Dr. Lusth
My name is Matt Korn and I am with Southwest Research Institute. Southwest Research Institute, founded in 1947, is an independent, nonprofit, applied engineering and physical sciences research and development organization dedicated to technology development and transfer.  As an international center of excellence in applied research, SwRI® employs highly skilled and trained personnel and offers opportunities for bachelor, master and doctoral level scientists and engineers as well as a large summer internship program.  
SwRI gets to work on some of the most advanced technologies out there and the project work is always one of our biggest draws especially for Computer Science students!  We get to work on autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity, robotics, embedded systems, and many more exciting projects!
Southwest Research Institute has a vigorous recruitment program and we are excited to be visiting your campus for on the career fair September 28th and follow up on campus interviews with students September 29th! I wanted to take the time to invite your organization to visit our booth and speak with a recruiter about the on-campus interview schedules.

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