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Task 8 compare results
(09-12-2017, 11:22 PM)lusth Wrote: Halve is supposed to be iterative. Is yours iterative?

It is, it starts at one and doubles up to the closest exponent of 2 below the number takes half of that, then adds it to a recursion that starts over calculating the halve of whatever remains.

I'm sorry if that is sharing a solution, but to my understanding, it is exactly how you described doing it in this thread. Is that not a proper method to execute it?
This is the only task I am still unsure about. I have yet to receive any further correspondence regarding what my error was specifically. I had the same error as outlined above.

My halve function is iterative. I do not add to the callstack at any point in the entire task as far as I can see.

The only thing I have seen that could be a problem was that my babyl function used 2 separate "-" operations, rather than 1 call to "-". Could this have been the problem? I understand this is a difficult week for getting definitive answers but I am feeling as though the expectation for this to be resolved is a bit unrealistic.

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