The Scam Programming Language

written by: John C. Lusth

Revision Date: August 31, 2017

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Scam is a nifty little language that looks a lot like Scheme, but is so much more. Scam is:

Scam's homepage is

Scam versus Scheme

For Scheme programmers, here is a list of important differences: quick hits.


Latest Scam versions:

32-bit Linux tarball
64-bit Linux tarball
32-bit Mac tarball
64-bit Mac tarball

Installation Notes

To install Scam, perform the following steps (using scam-2.4-amd64a.tgz as an example - make sure you use the right package for your particular system). Note: Windows 10 users must have the Linux Bash subsystem installed. Other versions of Windows are not supported. To begin:

  1. Make a directory named scam that hangs off your home directory and then move into that directory
        mkdir ~/scam
        cd ~/scam
  2. Retrieve the tarball:
        wget    #change, if necessary

    Mac users may need to use curl -O instead of wget.

  3. Extract the files in the tarball:
        tar xvzf scam-2.4a-amd64.tgz
  4. Copy the scam executable to a directory in your path:
        cp scam ~/bin                # if you have your own bin

    or you can put ~/scam in your path. If you don't know what a path is, then do this instead:

        sudo cp scam /usr/bin
  5. It's unlikely, but you may need to install the readline library. On a Debian system like Ubuntu, you would issue the following command:
        sudo apt-get install libreadline6

    Look to the interwebs for instructions on how to install readline on other systems.

If you have trouble installing Scam, send a message to

Learning more about Scam

There is an Open Source reference manual that delves into Scam in detail. It is called The Scam Reference Manual

The reference manual gives the nuts and bolts on the syntax and semantics of Scam.

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