Songlib: The C Library for Music Composition

written by: John C. Lusth

Revision Date: February 7, 2017

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Downloading and installing songlib

Songlib is distributed in a tarball; the tarball consists of the songlib source and a set of utilities, which also need to be compiled.. The tarball has enough music samples to run the sample programs in the tarball; to install more music samples, see installing sample packs.

Linux and Windows 10 Bash installation instructions
Mac installation instructions
Cygwin/Windows installation instructions

Using songlib

Songlib is a simple and (mostly) imperative C library for creating music. Currently, these documents exist for explaining how to use songlib.

Here are the currently available documents on Readily Readable Audio:


Here is are some short tutorials for laptop recording using various devices for attaching high quality microphones to your laptop:

Here is a link for processing vocals:

Example Music

Here are some examples of student-made music using songlib: