Songlib: The C Library for Music Composition

written by: John C. Lusth

Revision Date: May 3, 2017

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Cygwin/Windows installation instructions

First, browse to and download the current setup.exe and run it. Use the 64-bit version of the setup program if you have a 64-bit computer.

Answer all the questions using the default answers. At some point, you will be asked to select some packages. Click on plus signs next to

Finally, click on the Next button in the lower right corner and continue accepting defaults.

Once Cygwin is installed, open up a Cygwin terminal (an icon should be on your Desktop). Begin the songlib installation process by downloading the songlib source tarball into a directory named songlib:

    mkdir ~/songlib
    cd ~/songlib

Then, unpack the tarball:

    tar xvfz *.tgz

Finally, build and install the library and install the utilities and sample note files by typing the command:

    make install

while in the songlib directory.

To test your installation, move into the quickstart directory and type make play:

    cd quickstart
    make play

You should see the song being constructed and then should hear it begin to play.